What did you do for the 4th of July?  This holiday is my favorite of the whole year.  Maybe because it's followed immediately by my birthday, but I think it would be my favorite holiday even if my birthday weren't the next day.  I mean, you take a day off work (PTL for that, right?) cook out, maybe go to the lake, watch fireworks, celebrate America.  It can't get any better than that!

This year we were at my parent's house along with three of my four sisters, 9 of my 12 nieces and nephews, and my uncle and his family.  Great family time.  We ate burgers (grass fed beef, of course!), walked around the Franklin square, watched fireworks and . . .

ate these:

What are these?  Well, they're vitapops.  Created by my sister, Amanda.  And y'all.  I don't even have the words for the deliciousness.  This is not just a plug for a family business.  Promise promise.   Vitapops are all-natural, no sugar added, vitamin enhanced gourmetpopsicles.  If you live in Nashville, you've had las paletas, right? These popsicles are an all-natural answer to las paletas.  And they are deeeelish!  (Also, if you're in the counting calories camp, all of them are between only 30 and 100 calories). 

Better yet, in honor of our sweet Muth and her battle with cancer, Amanda is giving 10% of all proceeds she makes to the Charles Simeon Trust, the charity of our Muth's choosing!

Amanda has 21 different flavors (and is always experimenting to add new flavors).  Everything from coconut to apricot green tea to blueberry almond to watermelon mint.  Contact her to place an order (minimum 5 per order, $2.50 a pop).  She does everything from small orders to weddings.  It's true.  So contact her at  I promise you won't be disappointed.

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