As promised, here is our menu for this week.  As you saw last week, and again today, I only plan meals for five nights a week.  In my experience, something comes up -- be it church, dinner with friends, yoga, or any number of things -- that conflict with a sit down dinner at home a couple of nights a week.  So I plan five meals a week.  In the off chance that we're home for seven meals together at home, we either eat leftovers, brupper, egg salad sandwiches, or something along those lines.  I keep homemade bread on hand but if you don't feel inclined to make homemade bread, I recommend Ezekial bread.

Monday: Balsamic glazed cod (recipe from this website) and steamed broccoli
Tuesday: Tarragon chicken linguine (recipe also from this website) and grilled squash
Wednesay: whole wheat pizza pockets (I have the ingredients left over from last week because I didn't make them) and brussels sprouts
Thursday: quesadillas, butternut squash soup and spinach salad
Friday: Lasagna tart (recipe from this blog) and smashed cauliflower


  1. do you have a butternut squash soup recipe that you've used and loved? i was going to make that this week too and found one that looks good. email me if you have one you like!

  2. I have a new one I'm gonna try. I'll send it to you!