Greek Pasta

Someone asked me a few weeks ago what my go to recipes are.  It's nice to have go to recipes, don't you think?  Something for which you can be pretty sure you have all the ingredients in your pantry/refrigerator at any given time.  Because let's be honest, sometimes dinner inspiration is lacking and I find myself in a rut.  This recipe is one of those go to recipes that I like to make when I'm in a rut.  I don't make it so much that it becomes my rut, but I make it enough that it can be considered go to.  It's not fancy.  But it is good.  And easy.  As in, it doesn't take more than about 10 minutes to prepare.  You can make as much or as little as you want and if you make extra it's just as good for days to come.  I often make this recipe and save the leftovers for the next day or two for lunch. And it's good hot or cold. 

The best part?  I made it on a whim one night (when the hubs and I were in dire straits for a quick meal) so the ingredients aren't set in stone.  Pick the toppings you might like and enjoy.  Don't like olives?  Leave them out.  Don't like feta cheese?  Add parmesan cheese or goat cheese instead.  Craving a little meat?  Add some chicken.  It's a very forgiving recipe.  And I like forgiving.  Especially when I'm in a cooking rut.


Whole wheat pasta (I use whatever kind I have on hand -- penne, spaghetti, etc.)
Kalamata olives
Feta cheese (or any cheese of your preference)
Olive Oil
Grilled chicken (optional)


Cook pasta according to package instructions.  While pasta is cooking, sauta spinach for a couple of minutes so that it reduces just a bit (not too much).  Chop tomatoes and olives.  When pasta is done, drain it and put it in a mixing bowl.  Add spinach, tomatoes, olives, and cheese.  Drizzle with olive oil.  Stir and enjoy.  Top with chicken if desired.

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