Fruit and Granola Breakfast Wrap

The hubs and I recently bought our first home.  It is adorable (I'm v.e.r.y. spoiled because the house is new construction so I got to choose everything from paint to tile to appliances.  And by I, I mean my sister  Obvi.) Not only is our house adorable, but our neighborhood is adorable.  Or it's getting there anyway.  It's what we call "transitional," but it's transitioning pretty quickly.  The only thing so far that we have no sign of opening is a little cafe.  Too bad because in our previous neighborhood there was the cutest little coffee shop/bakery that we walked to on Saturday mornings.  It was perfect.  One of my favorite items on their menu was the strawberry and granola wrap.  Delish.  Now that we can no longer walk to that cafe, I decided to re-create the wrap to hold me over until someone in our neighborhood develops a cafe.  The timing of my re-creation decision worked out perfectly because we're in the middle of strawberry season.  Hooray!

Have I told you the story of the first time I tasted locally grown strawberries?  

It wasn't so long ago, just two years, when the hubs and I went to a bed and breakfast outside of town to celebrate our first anniversary. (Awww).  The owners had left a plate of chocolate covered strawberries to welcome us.  Which I ate promptly upon arrival, natch.  I took one bite and looked at the hubs with a strange face and told him I was certain the owners had infused these strawberries with sugar.  Like they MUST have injected the strawberries with a syringe full of sugar water.  The hubs just laughed at his poor city girl of a wife and told me, no, I was just eating locally grown, in season strawberries.  

I'll never go back.  I look forward to strawberry season every year now and mourn its short life span.  I don't eat many strawberries throughout the year, but from April to June, I can't get enough.  My point?  Right now is the perfect time to make this breakfast (or anytime you want to eat it) wrap.


Handful of strawberries
Plain greek yogurt or all-natural peanut butter
Homemade granola or all-natural store bought granola
Whole wheat tortillas


Spread greek yogurt (or peanut butter, whichever you prefer) evenly over the entire tortilla. Layer strawberry, banana and granola. Roll, cut and enjoy!

Ok, true confession: I got a little over zealous with my fruit and put so many on there that I couldn't actually roll my wraps.  Note to self: two or three strawberries and maybe half a banana would be sufficient if you want to roll it up.  Plus, as you can see, it ended up being a pretty big breakfast "pizza" more than a wrap and I had to save some with the hubs.

I ended up eating them with a knife and fork.  Yummy nonetheless, but if you're trying to make these for an on the go breakfast, be forewarned: less is more.  

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